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Related post: Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 12:40:25 EST From: Subject: A Redneck encounter at the Mall Food Court...This story is not intended to be read by minors. If you are, please do not read, and close this window.This story is guestbook preteen nudes the property of the author. It cannot be duplicated in preteen pics thumb japan preteens nude any way without the author's permission. A Redneck encounter at the Mall Food Court... A giant thank you all for the e-mail compliments. Toby Keith fans, those stories have not stopped and for the Tim McGraw fans, I'm working on that. So far under Celebrity I have written two comic book fantasies, "A Flaming Torch," then my two preteen nudists tgp Toby laika girl preteen Keith's, and now find asian model preteens a groupie following for "redneck stories," LOL, me too. Please read them and enjoy. Please sponsor the nifty site by checking out all the links and sponsor sites. If you have a gay or gay friendly business in real preteen galleries your area, please frequent them before they close or are forced to close. In Tampa, visit Tomes and Treasures. I love penpals and e-mail buddies; e-mail me, I want to bartend in a gay bar, no one hiring in Tampa? I have a bartending certification and have lived in the bay area 12 years.Dudes, here we go.....You know being unemployed naked ukrainian preteen has only a few perks, one of those is going pussy model preteen to the mall; which I hate, and getting decent service preteen daughter incest at the mall food court. The closest mall near me is here in Brandon, that's in latin preteen naked Florida, about a stone's throw from Tampa. We have a great mall, with lots to see; not necessarily the stores if you get my drift.One day after being burned out on the "over qualified" scene at every interview; I decide to treat myself to a nice lunch. All the restaurants are packed as I drive by, so I decide to go the mall and just eat at the food court. Damn it, one of those days where all the housewives, kids preteen lesbian incest and unemployed (like me), decide they need to get out. teasing preteen models I wait my turn at one of the sandwich shops and grab a table.Now, I haven't been seated very long when I look over to where I had just been in line and damn it bad timing every time. It's kind of like that expression, without bad luck, I would have no luck at all. There stands a major wet preteen search dream. hairy preteens tgp He looked so much like Tom Welling, you know Clark Kent on that "Smallville" show. God, if you don't know who it is, do a search, it's worth the look. This guy was about 5'10," preteen sex 16 170, swimmers build, loose, curly brown hair in a white t-shirt, skin tight butt hugging jeans and great legit cowboy boots. He looked like he just fell off a rodeo truck into our mall. Now preteen pussy I have a partner of 10 years guys, a handsome Latino; sweetest man, beautiful smile and eyes. I love Latins, Blacks, Asians, well shit basically men in general, but since masha russian preteen tripping the preteen pics toplists big "4 0," I have been looking at the younger set. This guy beauutiful preteens fit all my likes, especially the Tom Welling resemblance. The guy is in the middle imageboard bbs preteen of a pretty hostile crowd and he's being slow to order. african nudist preteens I couldn't tell if he just didn't know what to order or if he was slow preteen models 13yo in general. He finally orders and reaches for his wallet to cartoon tgp preteen pay; guess what, no wallet. He's looking everywhere, incest little preteen in little girlies preteens the meantime, people behind are bitching and being unusually rude for Brandon. I decide to be a good Samaritan and run over offering to pay. He's like sir, there's no need, my wallets preteen girls jpg around here somewhere. I tell him, dude, you better let me pay, before this teenvideo preteen crowd gets any more pissed at you. shaven and preteen So he says okay, thanks, but I want to preteen girls sample pay you back. I tell him don't worry, my good deed for the day and go back to sexy preteen art my table. I japanese preteen girls had just set back down, when a shadow falls across the table. It's my "wet dream." He says, I just wanted to preteen shes nude thank you for the favor and if you'll tell me how to reach model pleasure preteen you, I preteen startin innocent would like to pay you back. I tell him again, never mind, and thinking quickly tell him to pay me back with company for lunch. So he pulls out a seat and joins me.I find out his name is Tony and he's in town on a project to build public preteen pics a new power plant in the area. He's 28, single and has been here for about 3 months in a company sponsored apartment. He asks about me. I tell russian preteen nudists him to get ready for a sob story. I'm 40, unemployed for the first time ever and apparently over qualified for everything, but poverty. He laughs and says at least you preteens models pantys have your photos preteen bikinis looks and sense of humor. I thank him for the compliments. Telling him that considering who he looks like (and I explain to him preteen ass rape - he knows, he's been told before) that those are strong compliments. He says he hopes the wallet is either in his truck or his apartment. He says he has a bad habit of taking it out of his back pocket because of his jeans always being tight. I laugh and tell him, well if you didn't bubble out so much back there, little girl preteens you wouldn't have that problem. His face turns red and I apologize thinking that maybe I went too far. Tony says no, just that he doesn't talk to people much so he doesn't hear many compliments. I ask him why. He says because he talks slow and country like, people assume that he's a hick, hillbilly or mentally deficient. That's when sparkles preteen pics I find out this guy is an electrical engineer, grew up on a farm, loves all music, except Rap and heavy metal and his favorite performers are preteen model myusenet Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts and Basia. (What a combination) He then asks me if I'm gay? preteen nudists contests I ask him why? He says the butt compliment kind of gave it away. I told him yes and gave him my history from Dalton to Chattanooga to Tampa. preteen nude asains I asked him if he was? He said no, paused, and said I don't really preteen nymphette model know. I mean there are people at the site that are. He's heard them talking, mostly about him. Plus while in college, he knew all kinds of people and partied some. I bbs daddy preteen asked him if thailand preteens photos it bothered him being around a gay person. Tony tells me no. If I wanted a friend, gay or straight, I would hope they preteen ls preview would be as interesting, attractive and helpful as you today.I told Tony, you keep repeating the attractive part. Are you interested in getting to know me a little better? I preteen usenet index explain up front that I have a partner of 10 preteen lo xxx years with a beautiful home. Our relationship at our age is open. Tony says at your age? preteens clip I would have guessed you to be around 33-35, some younger than your years. preteen princess nonnude I tell him, thank you. preteen wet porn boys preteens nudist You are a gentleman and a scholar. By this time we have been talking for about an hour. Tony is off today and apologizes that he needs to leave to go look for his wallet. He then says can I pay happy naked preteens you back for lunch with a beer? I tell him sure. So we get up, walk out of the mall, him in front so that I can watch his ass. Yes, he caught me looking pix preteen sex and grinned. Funny, my truck and his truck are side by side. I offer to preteen models picboard follow him. His apartment is one entrance before my subdivision. We pull up, get out and go in to his apartment. It's clean, sparsely decorated preteen panty clips and smells like leather. I comment preteen nymphet galleries on this. Tony apologizes, but explains that not to preteen ukrainians be bored, he polishes his 6 pairs of boots often and sometimes works with leather. nonude preteens virgins He gets me and him both a beer and goes to binaries model preteen look for the wallet. Found it, dark preteen cp he yells, on the dresser. He offers the money again. I tell him, he hasn't seen me drink yet, to hold on to the money. He laughs and says him too. We set there talking for probably another hour, drinking a lot of beer fast, laughing and enjoying each other's company. I tell Tony that I should probably go before I do something or say something to upset him. ebony preteen porn Before I go, I asked shock preteens tgp to use his bathroom. preteen bbs steven When I come out, he's standing preteen girl pees there leaning on the kitchen counter. I ask him what's wrong. He says, he feels that because of how he talks bianca preteen model and acts that he's running me off. I walk over to him and tell him, japanese preteen schoolgirls buddy - WRONG. Listen to me, I talk like you, we have the same likes and all. I'm just worried that ...and then I got kind of quite because he's looking at me real close. I can't help it, I lean in and preteen kiddie titties kiss. The kid is good; he kisses back kind of nude underage preteen gentle at first then goes for the gusto.We pull hot pussy preteens each other into the other's arms; cuddling and kissing for a few minutes. Tony says, nude preteens sites Padgett, do you want to, you know...and grins. Without a word I take his hand, pulling him into his bedroom. He tugs off the t-shirt, kicks off the boots, and then barely makes it out of the jeans. There is the wet dream preteen celebrities in tight white briefs, package just a bulging.Tony then slips off my shirt, I kick off my loafers and he skins off my pants. We then climb on to his bed and fool around for a little while. I can't wait long, I shuck his preteen portal boy underwear off, top model preteens pretty quick; he laughs and there go mine. He wants to explore. He tongue bathes me from toe (literally) to my head (both). This is not Tony's first time. He's done it with like cousins and such before, not preteen gallery archives much, mostly jacking. I tell him about being safe and unfortunately that in this day and time you can't trust people's honesty as to their preteens sex modeling status. He knows he says and that safe is all he has or will do. I turn him on his back and go for the nipples, pits and thighs, my favorite man parts. Then looking from his thighs up, I see the beauty itself, about 9 inches by about 5 amateure preteen galleries or 6 inches of pure cut heaven with some very full preteen circle low hangers nestled in a very clean and trimmed bush. Oh man, lunch again. I go down on him like pigs at a trough. He is moaning and running his hands through my hair. I do every mouth links modeling preteen and tongue trick I know, just when I can feel him tense up, I grab hold and squeeze to stop him. He wants to try some of that so, I let him crawl between my legs and go to it while I sex littlle preteens watch. What a beauty.I tell him kidsporn preteens sex that this time is going to have to end soon, preteen models poses I need to go, but before I go..... I flip him back on his back again, grab hold of that beautiful pedoworld preteen sex dick and jack like there's no tomorrow. preteen girls pthc He starts moaning and groaning, lolasex preteen tenses up and "there she blows," Tony unloads from those low hangers onto everything. He shoots up to his own face, all over his stomach, me, you name it. He then says your turn, pushes preteen rompl tgp me backward, and starts jacking. preteengirl models It's my turn, my toes curl up, and I tense preteen models kissing my butt, and moan as emmie model preteen I unload all over that beautiful man. innocent models preteen He looks at our mess and goes top preteens galleries wow, Hot... He pulls me back heavenly preteen models on top of him into naked hot preteens all that cum and starts kissing me again.Tony says, well first I thanked you for lunch, then for preteen cheerleaders naked some of the hottest safe sex that I've ever enjoyed and now for my new friend that I hope I have. I tell young preteen supermodels Tony that normally when I treat someone to lunch, my return engagement is never as nice as this one. We both laugh. I get up, get us some towels to clean up with and when we're done; Tony says can we really be friends? I tell him yeah sure, I would like that. He asks me if this pre teen troubled is what some of the project crew is talking about when they talk about "Friends with Benefits?" I tell Tony, best asian preteen benefits? Shit, benefits, 401k and all the perks, laughing.
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